Hello and Welcome to my Workbench

Hi there and welcome to my rocking workbench.

A while ago I became interested in something called rocking, or ‘Kindness Rocks’. The basic premise is that you paint a rock and then leave it somewhere for someone else to find.


Obviously being me, and being influenced by my lovely wife Alli, a medieval history student and blogger, I painted the rocks with knights and castles and all things medieval  and hid them in ancient places. It’s been great fun to do, and I’ve witnessed people’s lovely, joyful reactions when they find the rocks. It’s a real pleasure to know that my little creations have found new homes and are being enjoyed.

After all the positive feedback I have received, I thought I should produce some more for sale as gifts. After all – everyone needs at least one medieval-themed paperweight or doorstop!


And so this site was born: a place were I can share my works-in-progress, give some hints and tips to anyone else that enjoys this hobby, and sell and showcase my work.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and please feel free to drop me a line via the contacts page.



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